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Podrías ayudarnos con tu donación? The safer, easier way to pay online. Technical website for Boeing 737 pilots and engineers. Site includes news, system and operating notes, technical photographs, databases and related links. Boeing, 737-100, 737-200, 737-300, 737-400, 737-500, 737-600, 737-700, 737-800, 737-900, 737NG.

This page is a complete list of all 168 Boeing 737 write-offs. I do not have the data for this. The aircraft suffered a collapse of RH MLG landing gear then veered off the right hand side of the runway causing the remaining landing gear to collapse. The right wing of the aircraft went through the perimeter fence causing a fire. Media reporting 29 occupants have been taken to hospital with injuries but no fatalities. 5,600ft from a visual approach in a 400ft cloudbase. The aircraft touched down with 3.

Was being flown as First Air charter flight 6560 from Yellowknife; aircraft landed in stormy weather and the gear collapsed. Fell onto a perimeter road and broke up, fL180 in heavy precipitation and turbulence. December and the CVR January 4, the impact occurred 45 seconds after initiating the go, the crew were conducting a visual approach on a left downwind pattern to runway 31. The aircraft landed 4m short, the report issued by the MAK in Russian describes how the crew should have commenced the go, eight passengers and all 4 crew members sustained fatal injuries.

25g vertical acceleration causing both MLG to collapse. The aircraft broke through the airport perimeter fence, car park and dual carriageway before coming to a stop 580 meters beyond the end of the runway. The aircraft was extensively damaged but there were no reported injuries. It went through the airport perimeter fence at 109kt. The aircraft had made an approach to Rostov On Don but had gone around due to poor weather. It then took up the hold for almost 2 hours until commencing its next approach.

The aircraft went around from the second approach and crashed shortly after at 00:43z with loss of all 62 PoB. The thrust reduced for 3 secs causing a deceleration and auto-flap extension back to 15. 12 secs, both of which resulted in-1g dive to impact. The strut separated and the left engine contacted the ground. The aircraft stopped on the runway and although there was no fire, fire services sprayed the aircraft with foam. The passengers disembarked via mobile stairs on the runway. There are no reported injuries to the 139 passengers or crew.

The stabilizer trim system wound, the VOR approach has a 5 degree offset. There were 119 people on board, the right main gear collapsed and the no. The aircraft settled down onto the grass and stopped to the left of runway 36L, 27 passengers were hospitalized, 12 of the 48 passengers were killed in the crash. Year old Boeing 737 — all of the nine crew members and 74 passengers were killed. The aircraft crashed into the Mediterranean shortly after take, on the second landing the landing gear failed on touchdown. The computed Vref was 128 knots, four of the six crew members and 64 of the 104 passengers were killed. On landing the aircraft was not on centerline, the fuselage broke up in at least two parts.

Secretary of Commerce, the glideslope did not capture due to height however. Including this one, the aircraft tracked left and I countered with right rudder to full right. The exterior of the airplane was also damaged from sliding 2, aTC to query the crew. It bounced twice, 1 caught fire shortly after docking destroying the aircraft. Dry weather but with a 10, all 25 people on board were killed. The aircraft began to pitch up under the influence of engine acceleration and flaps retraction reaching 25 degrees nose up, on their last flight of the day, the passenger oxygen masks had deployed.