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EDI “Future Vision” work sponsored by ANSI X12 EDI. The melding of these components began in the original ebXML work and the theoretical components of electronic data interchange pdf continues today.

While the ebXML standards adopted by ISO and OASIS seek to provide formal XML-enabled mechanisms that can be implemented directly, the ebXML architecture is on concepts and methodologies that can be more broadly applied to allow practitioners to better implement e-business solutions. A joint coordinating committee composed of representatives from each of the two organizations led the effort. Quarterly meetings of the working groups were held between November 1999 and May 2001. At the final plenary a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the two organizations, splitting up responsibility for the various specifications but continuing oversight by the joint coordinating committee. All work was completed based on a normative requirements document and the ebXML Technical Architecture Specification. After completion of the 6 specifications by the two organizations, 5 parts of the work were submitted to ISO TC 154 for approval. CEFACT retain the responsibility for maintaining and advancing the above specifications.

For instance, this can include the messaging protocols they support, or the security capabilities they support. CPP documents, and describes the formal relationship between two parties. 0 is the current version of the specification. Multiple business payloads may be attached to a single message, and the format of the payloads is beyond the scope of the ebXML specifications. The information trading partners place in ebMS messages is largely dictated by the CPA agreement that defines the relationship between them.

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