Domestic solar power systems pdf

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The best way to learn about renewable energy and solar power is to get hands on and build your own system. Its designed to be a entry level solar power system to recharge small devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players and power small sound systems. This has domestic solar power systems pdf designed to be put apart with very little soldering, using mainly connector block and crimp terminals.

In red and black if possible. I used 3 different types – twin core for the solar panel, thick tri-rated for the battery cable and thinner cable for internal wiring, after the fuse. I used a sealed gel lead acid battery taken from a UPS system. This stops the battery being over charged by the solar module. You could also use a small cheap multimeter.

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This is for the voltmeter so that it is not left on, which would drain the battery. This protects the everything from the high currents the battery can supply. You could also use any enclosure you have to hand, but I like the wood aesthetic. Right – get eveything together and lets begin. I decided to use a laser cut plywood enclosure. This looked nice enough to be on display, could have logos and images etched onto it and have all the holes and bolt fittings cut out precisely for easy fitting together. I used this as the basic dimensions.

I saw this on Make, so not quite sure who to credit that design to. The problem in making this enclosure is access to a laser cutter. My local hackspace is Nottingham Hackspace in the UK. Thanks go to Dominic, ’cause he bought the laser cutter at Nottingham hackspace. You could also just screw all the parts down onto a piece of wood. But I wanted it to look pretty darn good.