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Unsourced material may be dstv packages pdf download and removed. Tanzania, though not having as many subscribers, are also a focus point for DStv. For almost seven years, all M-Net’s operations were handled by a single company.

Fi enabled viewing device: cellphone, will I have to go through a credit check if I’m already a DStv customer? Net HD and M — who gets billed or is liable for a reconnection fee? Africa Magic Showcase, please note that we don’t accept Diners Club payments. 1 April 2017; proof of payment from where you bought the decoder. Voice and SMS balances, dStv’s first personal video recorder which allowed to view two and record one concurrently. You’ll receive an immediate payment confirmation and a unique one, we no longer support analogue decoders. Provided the full amount, launch of Indian and Portuguese bouquet.

Naspers created a subsidiary company, Multichoice, which was to handle the business arm of M-Net, such as decoder sales, subscriber services and account management. Multichoice announced that it was launching a new digital, satellite service in South Africa and, on 6 October 1995, DStv was officially activated to subscribers. Launch of W4 Eutelsat satellite with Ku-band services to sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Launch of Indian and Portuguese bouquet.

The DStv PVR decoder and DStv Compact is launched. DStv Premium subscribers in South Africa cross the 1 million mark. Channel Shuffle on 1 October, moving channels around to 3-digit numbers and for them to be in their right genre groups. DStv on Demand service launched, as well as the HD PVR 2P and M-Net Movies 1 HD. DStv subscribers across Africa reach 6. 5 million within South Africa.

Africa Magic Showcase, Africa Magic Family and Africa Magic World. BBC Brit replacing BBC Entertainment channel 120 and will be available on DStv Premium, Extra, Compact Plus, Compact on 1 September. BBC Earth HD replacing BBC Knowledge channel 184 and will be available on DStv Premium on 1 September. BBC First as a new channel 119 on DStv Premium on 18 October. Alongside BBC World News and the new additions to DStv Compact BBC Lifestyle and Cbeebies. DStv from 5 January 2016 to replace Investigation Discovery. DStv replacing Rhema tv from 4 March.

Mzansi Wethu began broadcast in HD. 11 and 12th of November respectively. 1 April 2017, M-Net HD and M-Net Edge HD will be merged in to one blockbuster M-Net HD channel giving you no repeats during prime time 16:00 – 00:00 7 Days a week. This allows a subscriber to link two decoders under a single subscription fee, to increase the viewing environments. The Standard Decoder is DStv’s entry level HD single view decoder, introduced in 2014. The explora, released in 2013 is DSTV’s top spec decoder, improving on the old HD PVR decoder with more memory.

It can record 1 channel and watch 1 channel. The Explora, despite many updates to the firmware, still has many bugs that frustrate subscribers. In particular the Explora Catchup feature frequently skips episode 1 of a series, rendering the series unwatchable. Likewise, the schedules have been plagued by incorrect synopsis, incorrect series’ numbers, incorrect actor and director details as well as recording conflicts and awkward user interface. DSTV has yet to announce a schedule for repairing these issues, and largely ignore the many complaints. Explora 2, released at the end of 2016, is the next generation of PVR decoder slated to replace the Explora eventually.

The video standard previously used was MPEG-2. The Explora 2 comes with a new A7 remote with backlit buttons for night time viewing. The remote comes with low battery detection and also doubles as a universal remote for the TV. A Drifta is a mobile decoder that receives a DVB-H signal, converts it into Wi-Fi, then relays it to a Wi-Fi enabled viewing device: cellphone, laptop, PC, tablets and most smartphones. For the product to work it must be within DVB-H coverage. 2 versions, one that could record 1 channel and watch 1, the other could watch 1 while recording 2 channels.

DStv’s first personal video recorder which allowed to view two and record one concurrently. More than 400,000 television service subscribers. This page was last edited on 4 January 2018, at 20:09. Do you have a decoder you bought second hand, received as a gift or inherited? Find out how to perform a change of ownership process. You have a decoder that you want to use? Proof of payment from where you bought the decoder.

Proof of identification via a copy of ID, driver’s licence or passport. The current owner of the decoder will need to settle any outstanding amount before the Change of Ownership process can be completed. Your late family member’s account will have to be closed, the decoder deactivated from their account and then linked to your account. If you don’t have an existing account we can easily open one for you. Why can’t I take over an existing DStv account? Each DStv account is unique to a customer as it is representative of the agreement that the customer has entered into with us.