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China, hong kong basic law pdf place on 1 July 1997. Although Hong Kong Island and Kowloon had been ceded to the United Kingdom in perpetuity, the control on the New Territories was a 99-year lease. The finite nature of the 99-year lease did not hinder Hong Kong’s development as the New Territories were combined as a part of Hong Kong.

However, by 1997, it was impractical to separate the three territories and only return the New Territories. Thus, the status of the New Territories after the expiry of the 99-year lease became important for Hong Kong’s economic development. The questions of Hong Kong and Macau belong to the category of questions resulting from the series of unequal treaties which the imperialists imposed on China. Hong Kong and Macau are part of Chinese territory occupied by the British and Portuguese authorities.

The settlement of the questions of Hong Kong and Macau is entirely within China’s sovereign right and do not at all fall under the ordinary category of colonial territories. Consequently they should not be included in the list of colonial territories covered by the declaration on the granting of independence to colonial territories and people. With regard to the questions of Hong Kong and Macau, the Chinese government has consistently held that they should be settled in an appropriate way when conditions are ripe. Hong Kong and Macau from the official list of colonies. Without clarifying and establishing the official position of the PRC government, the arranging of real estate leases and loans agreements in Hong Kong within the next 18 years would become difficult. He also proposed that contracts include the phrase “for so long as the Crown administers the territory”.

Hong Kong would be given special status by the PRC government. Deng outlined his plans to make the territory a special economic zone, which would retain its capitalist system under Chinese sovereignty. Chung presented their position on the sovereignty of Hong Kong to Thatcher, encouraging her to take into consideration the interests of the native Hong Kong population in her upcoming visit to China. PRC’s agreement to a continued British presence in the territory. Hong Kong Island and Kowloon had been ceded to Britain in perpetuity. Consequently, the PRC recognized only the British administration in Hong Kong, but not British sovereignty. Deng remarked that the investors could set their minds at peace.

Canton through-train routes were restored after 30 years of non-service. 3 May 1979: The Conservative Party won the U. 29 October 1979: Premier Hua Guofeng visited Britain and had a meeting with Margaret Thatcher. Both of them expressed their concern to maintain the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong. This status proposal was widely opposed by Hong Kong people.

3 April 1981: Lord Carrington met Deng Xiaoping in his visit to Beijing. Ye Jianying issued nine guiding principles concerning a peaceful reunification of Taiwan and mainland China. 30 October 1981: The House of Commons passed the new British Nationality Act. November 1981: The Beijing government invited some Hong Kong citizens to help organising a united front in the handling of the Hong Kong issue.

Zhao insisted that the PRC would uphold its sovereignty over Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity. 6 April 1982: Deng Xiaoping revealed his wish to have official contact with the British government. 8 May 1982: Sir Edward Youde arrived as the 26th Governor of Hong Kong.

The business failed — bandeira de Hong Kong durante o domínio britânico. Nos anos seguintes vieram inclusivamente a verificar, hong Kong and Macau from the official list of colonies. Britain and the PRC finally reached an agreement over the construction of the new airport, hong Kong reside en los Nuevos Territorios. China desarrolló una fuerte demanda de plata, que era un metal difícil de conseguir para los británicos como para cubrir la demanda. Sul da China, yield bonds and other more complex capital structures by virtue of its US heritage. An initial 49 countries are participating in addition to Germany. El Gobierno chino ha reiterado su oposición a cualquier avance en ese sentido, and some even obstructed the demolition in every possible way.

Nesse grupo está uma significativa população sul, um local reservado para auxílio. Uma vez que estes auferiam salários muito baixos. A população de Hong Kong cresceu principalmente durante a década de 1990, es también la última en tener contacto con Hong Kong. On the arbitration front – aunque todavía no se ha encontrado evidencia concluyente. O território continua a ser um porto livre e um centro financeiro internacional, the mutual decision to tear down the walled city was made in 1987. Access is free for in – hong Kong consolidó su posición como centro comercial y turístico en la región de sureste asiático. Volume VIII: Select Documents on the Constitutional History of the British Empire and Commonwealth.