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Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of into thin air pdf Mt. This article is about the 1997 book by Jon Krakauer. Rob Hall’s agency, Adventure Consultants.

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In the book, Jon Krakauer described the events leading up to his eventual decision to participate in an Everest expedition in May 1996, despite having mostly given up mountain climbing years before. However, the idea of Everest reawakened his childhood desire for climbing the mountain. Krakauer asked his editor to put off the story for a year so that he could train for a climb to the summit. From there, the book chronologically moves between events that take place on the mountain and the unfolding tragedy which takes place during the push to the summit. In the book, Krakauer alleges that essential safety methods adopted over the years by experienced guides on Everest are sometimes compromised by the competition between rival guiding agencies to get their clients to the summit.

An experienced high-altitude climber and guide for Scott Fischer, Boukreev descended the summit prior to his clients, ostensibly out of concern for their safety and in preparation for potential rescue efforts. Boukreev later mounted repeated solo rescue efforts, saving several lives. In his book, Krakauer acknowledged Boukreev’s heroism in saving two climbers’ lives, but questions his judgment, his decision to descend before clients, not using supplementary oxygen, his choices of gear on the mountain, and his interaction with clients. Krakauer’s account, citing numerous inconsistencies in his narrative while observing that Krakauer was sleeping in his tent while Boukreev was rescuing other climbers. Rowell argued that Boukreev’s actions were nothing short of heroic, and his judgment prescient: ” foresaw problems with clients nearing camp, noted five other guides on the peak , and positioned himself to be rested and hydrated enough to respond to an emergency. His heroism was not a fluke.

The account has also been criticized for not informing the reader that the team members were receiving accurate daily weather forecasts and knew about the storm in advance. Sony almost immediately after publication. The book and the film both contain the same strong editorial viewpoint regarding the fundamental causes of the tragedy, although the film differs sharply from the book in details regarding responsibility. According to Kormákur, it is not based on Krakauer’s book. 2014 book by Lou Kasischke. This account critically analyzes the Adventure Consultants team and provides an alternative explanation for the events of those few days on Everest.

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