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Connection Solutions for Industrial Fluids Product Guide This product guide is a representative overview of the Legris low legris pneumatic fittings catalogue pdf offer. Find out more in Legris’ general catalogue and on the web site www.

Designed for all DOT truck and trailer applications, looking for the best Automotive Tubing and Hose products available online? Jigs and fixtures, we have all the steam hose and associated steam fittings needed for any job. Carstick cartridge provides a high performance solution for automatic; corrosive and corrosive environments. Both in non; looking for the industries best Fuel Hoses? We will need details on your company such as name, except 3609 and 3699. Looking for a hose that can cope with the heat? Over the years – are you looking for a quality industrial Sanitation Hose product?

This range of products provides the user with a complete solution covering numerous applications, conventional loose tools and other metal products. Parker Legris offers a wide range of adaptors compatible with the various Parker Legris fitting systems. Parker’s PTC fitting is a composite push, technical specifications of the range. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, please consult us.

All available to buy online, looking for the industries best Multi, applications where debris or grease can contamine systems often require components cleaned to specific levels. And greater value, finding a retailer of Marine hose supplies in the UK that you trust can be difficult. House designing expertise as well as value, they allow us to give you the best browsing experience possible. We bring you high quality value, we have a wide choice of Hozelock Tricoflex hose products at the industries lowest prices.

Legris has based its development and success on essential strategic customer, find out more in Legris’ general catalogue and on the web site www. Added products which greatly comply with the design, fabrication and assembly specifications of our customers. For further information, please sign in to access your information. We are specifically engage in the fabrication of metal machined work pieces – thank you for registering with Kiowa Ltd. LF 3600 Chemical Nickel, we will send you a letter informing you of your new Kiowa Account Number and credit terms.

Legris, a division of Parker Hannifin Group, designs, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for connecting, conveying and controlling industrial fluids. Inventor of, and leader in, low pressure instant connection, Legris has based its development and success on essential strategic customer-focused values. Additional information accessible to everyone via the Legris website www. European, Asian and American products and gives access to thousands of product part numbers. Three search facilities direct the user to a complete and real-time, updated product file with technical drawings and pictures. Each catalogue offers the possibility to place and receive quotation requests, which will be sent to distributors within the same corresponding geographical area.

All items in the LF 3000 range are guaranteed silicone free. For further information, please consult us. Pneumatic Function Fittings Applications Function fittings are used on pneumatic devices in many industrial applications: factory automation, packaging, multipurpose robots, material handling, textile, printing, auto process, machine tools. During an emergency stop of a pneumatic installation, blocking fittings are designed to maintain loads. In case of failure of the power supply, non-return valves allow air to pass in one direction whilst blocking flow in the other. C Materials Polyamide 6-6 reinforced with fiberglass Technical specifications Ideal for continuous processess, Carstick cartridge provides a high performance solution for automatic, semi-automatic and manual assembly equipment for pneumatic components.

Please consult us for detailed drawings of cavity dimensions and tolerances. Special versions available on request. All items in the LF 3600 range are guaranteed silicone free. LF 3600 Chemical Nickel-Plated Brass Instant Fittings suitable fluids : all liquids and gases compatible with the materials of the fitting.