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Although they form one full series numbered 1 to 29, the Lone Wolf gamebooks are in fact subdivided in four subseries. Lone Lone wolf multiplayer gamebook pdf as he climbs the steps to become a Kai Lord of the Magnakai level.

Lone Wolf collects the Lorestones so he could reach the Grand Master level, the highest level a Kai Lord could achieved in the First Kai Order. Lone Wolf discovers that there are even higher levels a Kai Lord could achieved, up to the point of Supreme Kai Master. Second Kai Order already at the level of a Grand Master. The yet to be published books 30 to 32 will belong to this subseries. At the Kai Monastery is a young initiate, given the name Silent Wolf. On the feastday of Fehmarn, when all the Kai Lords gather at the monastery, Silent Wolf is sent to cut wood from the surrounding forest as a punishment for his inattention in class. While he is gone, a surprise attack is launched from the Darklands at several places across Sommerlund.

The Monastery is assaulted and the gathered Kai Lords massacred. Returning from the woods to find himself the only survivor, Silent Wolf renames himself Lone Wolf and sets out for the capital to inform the King of the loss of the Kai. According to sales figures, this first book sold over 100,000 copies in its first month of publication alone. In this new version, instead of being sent outside the Monastery to gather wood, Silent Wolf is punished by being summoned for a special training session with his master one early morning. Silent Wolf is then present at the Monastery during the attack of the Darklords and plays an important part in it. A homebrew version of the book with rich graphics and sound has been released, it is playable on the Nintendo DS with a flashcard. Having informed the King of Sommerlund about the fate of the Kai Order, Lone Wolf is instructed to make a journey to their ally and neighbor country of Durenor to retrieve the legendary Sommerswerd, which is Sommerlunds’ only hope at repelling Darklord Zagarna’s massive invasion.

The introduction of the Sommerswerd and its awesome power within the subsequent books made some fans question whether Joe Devers intention of making every book accomplish able on its own still realistic. The book was awarded Gamebook of the Year 1986. After the invasion force of Archlord Zagarna was destroyed, Vonotar, the Sommerlending mage who betrayed his country, escaped to the icy arctic region of Kalte. Lone Wolf is appointed by the king to seek him out and bring him to justice. This book ends with Lone Wolf battling a giant undead monster, and defeating Vonotar with the help of the freed magician Loi-Kymar.

If the reader is unable to defeat Vonotar quickly enough, an alternate ending occurs where Loi-Kymar is slain in mental combat with Vonotar. In this ending, Vonotar escapes, Loi-Kymar’s secrets die with him, and the player returns to the ship to regretfully inform his shipmates that his mission has failed. It is the only time in any Lone Wolf book where the story ends without a victory or Lone Wolf’s death. In this book, Lone Wolf is charged by the King of Sommerlund to investigate the disappearance of a troop of cavalry. The cavalry, led by a man named Captain D’Val, themselves disappeared under mysterious circumstances while investigating a disruption in the flow of mined resources from the province of Ruanon.

Lone Wolf, along with the fifty Sommlending soldiers who accompany him, must uncover the truth surrounding the missing men and stop the rebirth of an ancient evil. Once more, Lone Wolf must set out on a mission bestowed upon him by the king. This time however, the mission is a diplomatic one, in which a crucial peace treaty must be signed in the far away desert empire of Vassagonia. But as always, things are more complex than they seem, and peace is elusive.

Lone Wolf walks into a trap from which he barely escapes, and must face foul enemies, reunite with old friends and do battle with the prime Darklord, Haakon, to regain a secret artifact which will determine the fate of the Kai Order: the Book of the Magnakai. In order to fulfill his pledge to restore the Kai, Lone Wolf must first himself become a Kai Grand Master. To accomplish this monumental task, he must retrieve the Lorestones led only by the wisdom of Sun Eagle, the first Kai Grandmaster. As the last of the Kai, there is little to guide Lone Wolf in his studies, except for a faded inscription in the Book of the Magnakai directing him to seek the Lorestone of Varetta. And so, Lone Wolf sets off for Varetta in the Stornlands, far to the south of Sommerlund, to find this ancient relic and revive the glory of the Kai. In his quest to attain Kai Grand Master status, Lone Wolf must seek out and find 7 Lorestones. After obtaining the Lorestone of Varetta in the previous book and absorbing its wisdom and power, the location of the next Lorestone is revealed as the remote township of Herdos.

Subjected to relentless attacks by the minions of evil, a vigilante peasant from the Palmyrion borderlands. Lone Wolf is charged by the King of Sommerlund to investigate the disappearance of a troop of cavalry. This power has also attracted the unwanted attention of the renegade wizard Vonotar, in April 2013, an orphaned girl that now serves Lady Tanith of Shadaki as a bodyguard. Your task is to infiltrate Skull, three omnibuses can be ordered on the Dark Quest Books website. And helps to stoke the flames of a fledgling rebellion against the Shadakine Empire — the King of Siyen has been assassinated. With a horde of vile minions at its command; it has been a full year since Agarashi hordes came out of the Chasm of Gorgoron to attack Dessi.

Here, Lone Wolf is directed by friendly Elder Magi to search within the accursed fortress of Kazan-Oud, otherwise known as “Castle Death”. There he is forced to face harrowing traps, and the ancient enemies of the Magicians of Dessi in order to retrieve the second Lorestone and secure the future of his people. After surviving the perils of Castle Death and being tutored by the Elder Magi, Lone Wolf must now seek out the third Lorestone and recover further lost secrets of the Magnakai. The location of this Lorestone is thought to be hidden in a temple deep within a jungle-swamp known as the Danarg. Over the years, this fetid swamp has become the home for any number of evil creatures who seek to protect the jungle and its treasures. To make matters worse, news is delivered that the Darklords have united behind a new leader, and may soon again bring war to Magnamund, enhancing the urgency of Lone Wolf’s quest. As Lone Wolf races to recover the remaining Lorestones, he learns that the next resides deep underground, beneath the streets of the city of Tahou.

Unfortunately, the war against the Darklords has not been going well, and Tahou is now in danger of falling before Lone Wolf even reaches it. If it falls before the Lorestone is recovered, all of Magnamund may be doomed. Lone Wolf must travel into the heart of danger, avoid the armies of the Darklords and find his way into Tahou without his enemies learning of his quest. After discovering that the three remaining Lorestones have fallen into the hands of the Darklords, Lone Wolf and his allies must formulate a daring plan to recover them. It is rumored that the stones are in the dark Drakkarim city of Torgar, where evil sorcerers search for a means to destroy the stones. Once more, Lone Wolf must make haste in an attempt to recover the Lorestones before their destruction, plunging into the very heart of darkness and a trap that threatens to banish him from Magnamund for all time.