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Near Eastern and Once a witch pdf cultures. Israel, Saul searches for a witch anonymously and in disguise.

His search leads him to a woman of Endor, who claims that she can see the ghost of Samuel rising from the abode of the dead. The voice of the prophet’s ghost, after complaining of being disturbed, berates Saul for disobeying God, and predicts Saul’s downfall. The spirit reiterates a pre-mortem prophecy by Samuel, adding that Saul will perish with his whole army in battle the next day. The next day, his army is defeated as prophesied, and Saul commits suicide. Witch of Endor comforts Saul when she sees his distress and insists on feeding him before he leaves. The Israelites went sometimes to consult Beelzebub, god of Ekron, to know if they should recover from their sickness. The history of the evocation of Samuel by the witch of Endor is well known.

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I am aware that some difficulties are raised concerning this history. I shall deduce nothing from it here, except that this woman passed for a witch, that Saul esteemed her such, and that this prince had exterminated the magicians in his own states, or, at least, that he did not permit them to exercise their art. Pythoness of Endor evoked the soul of Samuel, after which time the evocation would have had no power over his spirit. Greek mythology of Python and the Oracle. But certain it is, that the Law of God speaks nothing in vain, neither does it lay curses, or enjoin punishments upon shadows, condemning that to be ill, which is not in essence or being as we call it. The story has been cited in debates between Spiritualist apologists and Christian critics. The woman of Endor was a medium, respectable, honest, law abiding, and far more Christ-like than” Christian critics of Spiritualism, asserted one Chicago Spiritualist paper in 1875.

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