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Drew Pearson with Lyndon Johnson. In 1923 Pearson traveled to Japan, China, New Pearson investigating science 9 pdf download, Australia, India, and Serbia, and persuaded several newspapers to buy articles about his travels.

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Pearson was the subject of a joke gone wrong. Benny if he was the doorman. The audience laughed for 24 seconds. The book was a collection of muckraking news items concerning key figures in public life that challenged the journalistic code of the day. Washington Merry-Go-Round,” that same year. Pearson saw journalism as a weapon to be used against those he judged to be working against the public interest.

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When forced to choose between a story’s accuracy and Pearson’s desire to pursue a person whose views he disliked, Pearson had no qualms about publishing the story anyway. In relating his disclosures on Washington politicians, newsmakers, and the politically connected, Pearson frequently resorted to a pattern of combining factual or corroborated leaked news items together with fabricated or unsubstantiated details, the latter designed to emphasize and sensationalize the basic story. Pearson’s method included paying waiters and chauffeurs to eavesdrop on their charges, gleaning information on politicians from political enemies, bribing a navy clerk to reveal classified data, or even ordering a subordinate to break into the desk of a prominent Washington attorney. A favorite Pearson tactic was to reveal salacious details of a subject’s sexual proclivities for the purpose of embarrassment or intimidation. During World War II, Pearson’s column not only revealed embarrassing news items, but expanded to criticize the Roosevelt administration’s conduct of the war, in particular U. As a supporter of the Soviet Union’s struggle against Nazi Germany, Pearson demanded that the Allied Command create a second front in Europe in 1943 to assist the Soviets.

State Department officials, whom Pearson accused of hating Soviet Russia. President Roosevelt convened a press conference in which he angrily accused Pearson of printing statements that were a lie “from beginning to end”, jeopardizing United Nations unity, and committing an act of bad faith towards his own nation. Pearson, whose reputation had been severely damaged after President Roosevelt had publicly called him a “chronic liar”, wanted to settle scores with the Roosevelt administration. Pearson that a sensational, exclusive news story would make people forget Roosevelt’s criticism.