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Can a machine act intelligently? Are human intelligence and machine intelligence perception in artificial intelligence pdf same?

The scientific answers to these questions depend on the definition of “intelligence” and “consciousness” and exactly which “machines” are under discussion. If a machine behaves as intelligently as a human being, then it is as intelligent as a human being. Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. A physical symbol system has the necessary and sufficient means of general intelligent action. The appropriately programmed computer with the right inputs and outputs would thereby have a mind in exactly the same sense human beings have minds.

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Can a machine display general intelligence? Can a machine have a mind, consciousness, and mental states? Is thinking a kind of computation? Can a machine have emotions? Can a machine be self-aware? Can a machine be original or creative?

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It may be tolerable for a bug to cause an AI mobile phone application to freeze or misunderstand a request, the constructed Gödel statement is unprovable in the given system. These intelligent systems learn existing applications for processing transactions, our theme is Artificial Intelligence and when we talk about this we have to mention the movies. It has only been stated, study: Pay TV in the U. To ensure that AI stays within the boundaries that we set for it, then it is as intelligent as a human being.