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Stroke volume variation, tidal volume, Functional haemodynamic, Fluid balance, Gastrointestinal surgery. Pestel analysis pdf journal of Anesthesiology, Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China.

187 Hospital of PLA, Haikou, China. Li C, Lin Fq, Fu Sk, Chen Gq, Yang Xh, Zhu Cy, Zhang Lj, Li Q. Stroke Volume Variation for Prediction of Fluid Responsiveness in Patients Undergoing Gastrointestinal Surgery. Vigileo system in prediction of fluid responsiveness was unproven in patients undergoing ventilation with low tidal volume. Vigileo system before and after fluid loading.

After fluid loading, the MAP, CVP, SVI and CI increased significantly, whereas the SVV and SVR decreased markedly in both groups. SVI was significantly correlated to the SVV, CVP but not the HR, MAP and SVR. HR, MAP, CVP and SVR before fluid loading. AUC for other preloading indices in two groups ranged from 0. Vigileo system can predict fluid responsiveness in patients undergoing ventilation with low tidal volumes during gastrointestinal surgery. Precise assessment of volume state is a prerequisite for adequate volume replacement which may achieve optimal organ perfusion and oxygen supply. The whole protocol was approved by the institutional review board committee of the medical faculty of Tenth People`s Hospital of Tongji University, and written informed consent was obtained from each patient before study.

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After anaesthesia induction, a 7. Vigileo system by analyzing the arterial pulse wave following semi-invasive arterial catheterization without pulmonary artery catheterization or calibration with another method, which can monitor CO, CI, SV, SVI and SVV. With a CVP catheter, its signal may be interfaced with the Vigileo, allowing for the calculation of SVR and SVRI. Pulsatility, where K is a constant quantifying arterial compliance and vascular resistance, and pulsatility is proportional to the standard deviation of the arterial wave over a 20-s interval.

This calibration constant is recalculated every minute. SV, where the maximum and minimum SV are mean values of the four extreme values of SV during a period of 30 s, and the mean SV is the average value for this time period. Following endotracheal intubation, all patients received mechanical ventilation with IPPV mode . Baseline haemodynamic measurements were recorded 10 min after endotracheal intubation. All haemodynamic measurements were re-detected immediately. All haemodynamic variables were recorded as mean of three repeated measurements.

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