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School management system project in vb pdf definitions of social class in the United Kingdom vary and are highly controversial, most are influenced by factors of wealth, occupation and education. The British monarch is usually viewed as being at the top of the social class structure.

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Research has shown that social status in the United Kingdom is influenced by, although separate from, social class. Prior to the eighteenth century, one did not speak of class or classes. Older terms like estates, rank, and orders were predominant. This change in terminology corresponded to a general decrease in significance ascribed to hereditary characteristics, and increase in the significance of wealth and income as indicators of position in the social hierarchy. Besides these academic models, there are myriad popular explanations of class in Britain.

20th century, and the British nobility, in so far as it existed as a distinct social class, integrated itself with those with new wealth derived from commercial and industrial sources more comfortably than in most of Europe. However their wealth, if not their political power, has rebounded strongly since the 1980s, benefiting from greatly increased values of the land and fine art which many owned in quantity. Meanwhile, the complex British middle-classes had also been enjoying a long period of growth and increasing prosperity, and achieving political power at the national level to a degree unusual in Europe. They avoided the strict stratification of many Continental middle-classes, and formed a large and amorphous group closely connected at their edges with both the gentry and aristocracy and the labouring classes. France were remarked on as poorer than their English equivalents.