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Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks – straight to your inbox. Join Us – It’s Free! Science fiction is a genre that is known for not being afraid to tackle complex subjects or shy away from convoluted plot-lines. While fans of the genre love the depth of these types of novels, it can also scare away readers in search of more casual reading material. Fortunately, not all science fiction novels are very complex, or even very serious.

There are also a couple of books in the genre where the authors combined science fiction with more lighthearted elements. For a taste of some humor filled science fiction stories, take a look at the following free ebooks. One of the great things about free ebooks, apart from the fact that they are free, is their age. Many of the books that are available free online are more than a hundred years old, which makes them fascinating glimpses into the past. Thanks to the internet, television and even virtual reality technology, it is now possible to experience almost every corner of the globe without ever leaving your house. However, the following travel themed books are written from a historical perspective, which enables you to read about the world from a completely different perspective.

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