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This article is about the 2005 Indian film. Biniya and village’s only the blue umbrella pdf free download owner Nand Kishore Khatri.

Biniya lives with her mother and elder brother. The umbrella is revealed to be belonging to a group of Japanese tourists. Wearing a bear claw necklace is considered to be auspicious and bring good luck. For that she is scolded by her mother.

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Everyone in the village is amazed by the beauty of the umbrella and Biniya acquires a celebrity like status. This makes some people jealous of her. Lajvanti even hints toward the possibility of stealing Biniya’s umbrella. Khatri tries to buy it from Biniya but she refuses. Khatri’s shop boy Rajaram who in the past had stolen a tourist’s jacket, offers Khatri his help in stealing the umbrella in exchange for increase in his salary. In a pasture, Binya finds her umbrella missing and becomes heartbroken. Later she accuses Khatri of stealing it.

Khatri’s shop is searched but no umbrella is found. Due to this humiliation, Khatri pledges to buy his own such umbrella. With this, the center of attraction shifts from Biniya to Khatri. She accompanies the village policeman to Banikhet to find out the truth.

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