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Please forward this error screen to 216. Public opinion will not long endure a theory which does not work in practice. Today, probably more than ever before, man demands proof of the truth of even the law and the promise by neville goddard pdf highest ideal.

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For ultimate satisfaction man must find a principle which is for him a way of life, a principle which he can experience as true. I believe I have discovered just such a principle in the greatest of all sacred writings, the Bible. Drawn from my own mystical illumination, this book reveals the truth buried within the stories of the old and new testaments alike. Briefly, the book states that consciousness is the one and only reality, that consciousness is the cause and manifestation is the effect. It draws the reader’s attention to this fact constantly, that the reader may always keep first things first.

Having laid the foundation that a change of consciousness is essential to bring about any change of expression, this book explains to the reader a dozen different ways to bring about such a change of consciousness. This is a realistic and constructive principle that works. The revelation it contains, if applied, will set you free. HEAR, O Israel: the Lord our God is one Lord. You and God are one and undivided! Father and you are one. Unconditioned consciousness is God, the one and only reality.