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Bible for a largely illiterate population. These artworks may take the form of the man who walked between the towers pdf, paintings, mosaics or stained glass windows.

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The window has a simple round-arched top. The stained glass is supported by a lead armature of squares and circles which divide it into many separate pictures. The upper pictures show the story of the Three Wise Men. The lower part has an assortment of biblical scenes including “The Sower”. The background colour is deep blue. 1930s by German scholars, were much too expensive to have been owned by the poor, although the printed versions were much cheaper and many were probably shown to the poor for instruction.

Round sections of two stained glass windows both show a scene of a person kneeling at an altar while onlookers talk. The number of onlookers, small details and colour schemes are different. Details of two windows from Canterbury Cathedral illustrating different stories but repeating the two left-hand figures, the columns, table, candlestick and book. Along with the written words of the document were often transcribed commentaries and illustrations. While talented illuminators added their own style and embellishments, the form of many pictures remained the same, and different scenes or motifs were repeated many times and in different media. 1220 and 1230 travelled, for reasons unknown, in France and other parts of Europe as far as Hungary, producing drawings of motifs architectural, scientific and figural. The drawings, for the most part, are not original designs.

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They are drawn from buildings and artworks that he saw on his travels. They give us a clear indication of the way in which decorative motifs and figurative subjects could be transferred from one region to another and from one artform to another. St Albans, was in Trondheim in 1248. The sculptured section from above a Gothic door. The pointed archway has four molded bands carved with small angels. The triangular section framed by the arch has the figure of Christ surrounded by the Four Heavenly Beasts, the eagle of St John, the winged ox of St Luke, the winged man of St Matthew and the winged lion of St Mark.

In order for this to be achieved, there are two major revelations by God to humankind that the viewer should be exposed to, by the means of the artistic scheme. In countries where stone-carving prevails as an art, it is externally placed. In countries where murals are more common, the Last Judgement occupies the internal wall above the main door. A Gothic fresco showing, to the right, a carved throne on which sits the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child. Around the throne are four angels. To the left stands St Francis in a brown robe, looking small and humble. The colour of the background and robes is predominantly sky blue, but the ancient surface has flaked to show brown underpainting.

The faces are gentle and realistic. God’s love, his grace, his mercy and his glory. This, broadly speaking, is the theme of every Poor Man’s Bible. The underlying theme of humankind’s sinfulness may be illustrated in a number of ways. Wise and the Foolish Bridesmaids.

All this sought to confirm humankind’s need to turn to Jesus to receive God’s saving grace. Jesus might be shown in several ways. In other churches there is a focus upon an incident or incidents which particularly involve the saint to whom the church is dedicated. This crucifix before which St Francis prayed in the 12th century still exists. This crudely carved statue shows St James as a bearded knight in armour with a red cloak and upraised sword. He rides a white galloping horse which is trampling the bodies of two armoured men. One way a church might reflect this was to have the relics of an apostle or an early martyr.