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Odysseus, produces a storm the odyssey lattimore pdf torments Odysseus. After three days of struggle with the waves, he is finally washed up on Scheria.

The next morning, Nausicaa and her maids go to the seashore, and, after washing the clothes, they start to play a game on the beach, with laughs, giggles and shouts. Odysseus, who was exhausted from his adventure and was sleeping nearby, is awakened by the shouts. He covers his nakedness with thick leaves and goes to ask for help from the team. Upon seeing the unkempt Odysseus in this state, the maids run away, but, Nausicaa, encouraged by Athena, stands her ground and talks to him. On his way to the palace, Odysseus meets Athena disguised as a local girl. In her disguised state, Athena advises him about how to enter the palace.

Athena, knowledgeable that the Phaeacians were hostile towards men from the outlands, cloaked Odysseus in a mist that hid him from the Phaeacians’ gaze. Odysseus throws his arms around the queen’s legs and supplicates her. Naturally, Alcinous and his court are surprised to see a stranger walking into their secured palace. The walls of the palace are made of bronze that “shines like the sun” and is secured with gates made of gold. Within the walls, there is a magnificent garden with apple, pear, and pomegranate trees that grow year-round. The palace is even equipped with a lighting system comprising golden statues of young men bearing torches. Phaeacians take him to Ithaca on one of their ships.

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The Phaeacians possessed remarkable ships. Trojan War, and they were steered by thought. He also explains to Odysseus what sort of information the Phaeacian ships require in order to take him home to Ithaca. Tell me also your country, nation, and city, that our ships may shape their purpose accordingly and take you there. The ship bounded forward on her way as a four in hand chariot flies over the course when the horses feel the whip. Her prow curvetted as it were the neck of a stallion, and a great wave of dark blue water seethed in her wake. She held steadily on her course, and even a falcon, swiftest of all birds, could not have kept pace with her.