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New York the ultimate bar book pdf download been heavily damaged, Europe is suffering from extreme climate changes, and the global economy is extremely weak. New York to visit Stark Enterprises branch offices.

Stark Enterprises is nearly bankrupt, and Tony intends to salvage what he can from his headquarters to rebuild his company as well as keep his technology out of the wrong hands. The focus of his search is the mysterious Remnant 242. However, in his private quarters he finds a woman with red irises, who threatens to blast him with energy and demands that he hand her the blueprints for the nanomachines that allow him to control his armor. She admits that she got superpowers from her father’s private superhuman research program, but now she is dying. Stark tries to strike up a conversation, but Happy points out that there is another intruder who is currently on the same floor as Remnant 242. Stark flies down to investigate and finds that the box in which he left Remnant 242 has been opened.

He also finds the thief who is wearing a suit of Iron Man armor. Generating a hypersphere, the thief hides the Remnant in hyperspace and battles Stark. Ghost to retreat, using a phasing unit even Stark can’t understand. Hammer begins to hemorrhage internally and Stark calls off the search so he can get her to a medical facility. Waking up on board a flying facility with the call-sign “FP1”, Justine Hammer explains to Stark that his secure systems were hacked a few months ago, and the Ghost was the first person to illegally acquire re-purposed Iron Man tech but he is not the last. Stark decides he must get his armor back from Ghost and anyone else who may have taken it, in addition to recovering Remnant 242.

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Justine says she can help him thanks to her connections in the superhuman underground. Tony gets into his suit, flies to this new destination, and immediately a fight erupts between the two Iron Men. Iron Man battles Bram Velsing, and after a quick and embarrassing fight, Velsing surrenders. Tony Stark quickly gets into his damaged Iron Man suit and gives Justine Hammer a specific mission to help in the attack. Iron Man flies down to the streets of Britain where he finds all the riot Police in modified Iron Man suits. Iron Man immediately attacks them, but is unaware of what weapons they possess.

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