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Papa Stour is the eighth largest island in Shetland. The island and its surrounding seas harbour diverse populations of wildlife. The population reached 380 or more in the nineteenth century, when a fishing station was opened at Crabbaberry in West Voe. Subsequently, there was a steady decline in population, although the numbers have increased from a low of 16 in the 1970s. Papa Stour was a centre for deep-sea fishing. The latter’s name relates to a story from the 14th century.

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Lord Thorvald Thoresson is said to have constructed the tiny house at its top, whose ruins are still visible, in order to “preserve” his daughter from men. West Voe, the inner part of which is called ‘Robies Noust’ is the main voe in the north coast, the smaller Culla Voe lying immediately to the west. Much of the rest of the area consists of a shallow stony soil that may be derived from glacial till. There is an almost complete absence of peat on the island and due to the volcanic rocks the soils are relatively fertile. The lack of peat led to ‘turf scalping’ for fuel and the bare areas of rock in the interior.