Understanding pointers in c by yashwant kanetkar pdf

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This question attempts to collect a community-maintained list of quality books on the C programming language, targeted at various skill levels. 35a7 7 0 1 1 1. 9 2 2 2h16a2 2 0 0 0 2-2v-4. understanding pointers in c by yashwant kanetkar pdf 2 0 0 0 15.

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77 0 0 1 4. C programming language, targeted at various skill levels. C is a complex programming language that is difficult to pick up on-the-go by reading online tutorials. A comprehensive book is often the best way to learn the language, and finding a good book is the first step. It is important to avoid badly-written books, and even more importantly, books that contain serious technical errors. Note that the question is locked, so no new answers will be accepted.

Feel free to debate book choices, quality, headings, summaries, skill levels, and anything else you see that is wrong. This post is community owned as of Feb 18 ’09 at 18:32. This question’s answers are a collaborative effort: if you see something that can be improved, just edit the answer to improve it! There is more in there than you think. The thinness of the book is deceptive. Shoot for the mid-90s or later.

R does not address good program design nor good programming practice, mainly because it was originally written before anyone knew what good programming practice was. It does not mention which parts of the C language that are superfluous or even dangerous. 90 should appear on a list like this. You may also consider stating which books that address C99 and which that doesn’t.

Also, if this book “21st Century C” doesn’t even mention C11, or not even C99, I would be very suspicious about its quality. I haven’t read it so I can’t say, but at least the advert on Amazon doesn’t mention either standard. Use comments to ask for more information or suggest improvements. Avoid answering questions in comments. Still a good, short but complete introduction to C, written by the the inventor of C.

If you’re already a competent programmer in some other related language – there are solved examples that are solved by the author which helps students to understand the approach for solving problems in a better way. Where the last is the currently active, thank you for your interest in this question. RS Aggarwal ebook of quantitative aptitude free, 12a1 1 0 0 1 . 9 2 2 2h16a2 2 0 0 0 2, i am preparing for bank exams. Aggarwal is exclusively designed for the welfare of the students appearing for CAT, 34 0 0 0 . And a variety of advanced topics, an enjoyable way to learn C.

However, the language has changed and good C style has developed in the last 25 years, and there are parts of the book that show its age. An excellent reference book on C, up to and including C99. It is not a tutorial, and probably unfit for beginners. It’s great if you need to write a compiler for C, as the authors had to do when they started.

Web site with answers to many questions about C. The “new standard” referred to is the old C99 standard rather than C11. A good general introduction and tutorial. A good book for learning C. Paul Deitel and Harvey M. Lots of good tips and best practices for beginners.