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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Gogo no Eiko — Eng trans. Much of the story yukio mishima death in midsummer pdf told following the actions of Noburu Kuroda, an adolescent boy living in Yokohama, Japan, who does well in school but is secretly “Number Three” in an adolescent group of boys who reject conventional morality and are led by their schoolmate, the “Chief”.

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Since Noburu has a keen interest in ships, his upper-class mother Fusako, who owns Rex, a European-style haute fashion clothing store, takes him to visit one near the end of the summer. There they meet Ryuji Tsukazaki, a sailor and second mate aboard the commercial steamer Rakuyo with vague notions of a special honor awaiting him at sea. Ryuji has always remained aloof from the land, and while accruing a substantial savings, has no real ties with other sailors either. Ryuji and Fusako develop a romantic relationship, their first night of sex is spied upon by Noburu at the peephole but the second takes place at a hotel to Noburu’s disappointment. The relationship continues but ultimately ends when the Rakuyo sets sail again.

Noburu at first reveres Ryuji, but a chance encounter on the second day of their acquaintance changes his stance. Ryuji has combatted the extreme heat by dousing himself with water. Noburu takes issue with what he perceives as an undignified appearance and greeting by Ryuji, although he is later thrilled by Ryuji recounting his voyages around the world. While Ryuji is sailing, he and Fusako exchange letters, and they fall deeply in love. This estranges him from Noburu, whose group resents fathers as a terrible manifestation of a terrible position.

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