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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1666228125. Please forward this error screen to 104. If customers don’t buy new style, Zara can stop the in-zara pricing strategy pdf production of that style and only hold a small inventory.

2 days using trucks or airplanes. 5 times as many as a comparable retailer would typically produce. The good store design and display make it more like upscale, luxury stores and products. Mix arrangement of goods stimulate customers buy more mix-products. They put all different prices by country into price tags so Zara stores in other country do not need to re-tag, so it can reduce the tagging cost and time. One of the issues that Zara will face in the future is its high centralization of distribution.

Spain, Arteixo, and Zaragoza in future, without any local DCs and warehouses. As a result, numbers of times they ship products were much more plenty compared to other retailers. This imposes both benefits and challenges for the firm. Although they can create excitement for customers to visit their stores more frequently, transportation costs as well as administrative expenses would increase dramatically.

Especially to stores outside the Europe, using air freight in such high frequency would be a matter of not only high costs but also many potential risks during transporting process. Do not put all eggs in one basket. The whole retail system or production process would face a serious or even a fatal if Arteixo DC unfortunately damage or stuck to problems. As professor Lee mentioned that sustainability and supply chain risks should be considered in any supply chain. The company already planned to have second distribution center in Zaragoza which is also a city in Spain for the increase volume in the future. However, what if natural disasters, labor issues or politics problems suddenly happen in Spain?

We recommend that Zara should operate more distribution centers not only in Spain or Europe region but also in other target areas of the firm. This will accelerate or avoid these two problems as well as support their targets which are taking advantage of low labor cost in other nations. Zara has used the sourcing mix which was working well for its operation. Zara’s designers work closely to the store specialists who work intensively to store managers. In term of subcontracts, Zara has a network of 400 different suppliers within Galicia and northern Portugal.

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Actually, strategy of combination of in-house production and multiple suppliers within and around Spain of Zara allowed them take advantage in quality control and reaction to customers’ demand. In fact, according to the figure in 2000, the trends of production movement were increasing the proportion of external manufacturers, and the highest percentage of origin of production in Asia. Actually, the labor costs of the countries in Asia are really lower than in Europe, Spain, and USA. For example, the hourly labor cost in Portugal is USD 3. 7 which is higher than that cost in India and China more than three times. In addition, because of possible pricing pressure as the Euro took hold in Europe, with the same purpose, they want to increase the proportion of outsourced manufacture, initially 60 percent, and principally in China. It would create some significant issues that Zara has to consider carefully before deciding to get into Asia.

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